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legal skills

chapter 7

crime wrong against a person or their property. can be a felony or misdemeanor
tort can be intentional or unitentional
intentional tort assault and battery, defamation of character, invasion of privacy, false imprisonment, fraud
unintentional tort negligence, malpractice
four elements of liablity duty, breech of duty, causation, damages
legal safegaurd for nurses informed consent, contracts, competent practice, pt education, executing md orders, documentation
elements of informed consent disclosure, comprehension, comptetence, voluntariness
types of risk management programs safety programs, products safety programs, quality assurance programs
OSHA regulations regulates use of electical equipemnt, use of isolation techniques, use of radiation, use of chemicals
duty what a reasonable/prudent nurse would do
breach of duty failure to meet nusing standards
causation harm to the pt due to breach of not meeting nursing standards
damages actual injuries to the pt that were caused by breach of duty
assualt verbal threat to a pt
battery physical harm to a pt
malpractice when nursing care in not practice in accordance to legal, ethical standards
purpose of incident report to evaluate for factors/risks that could lead to event happening again
the RN may witness the signing of a consent form. This signature indicates_____________. the pt signed voluntary and that who signed is that pt.
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