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Latin: 50 Words

anatomia anatomy
canto sing
truncus body
collegium college
medicus healing,medical
concentus choir
nutrix nurse
carmen music,song
delicia delight,fun
reliquum future
cutis skin
stomachus stomach
spiritus breath
sanguis blood
cor heart
juvo help, assist
medicina medicine,treatment
reperio learn,discover
accessio seizure
aeger patient
ante cibum before meals
bis in die twice a day
decessus died,death
dolor pain
dosis dose
febris fever
inflammatio inflammation
morbus disease
quaque mane every morning
quaque nocte every night
ulna arm,elbow
precentor leader of a choir
vox acuta high voice
vox gravis low voice
passiones passion music
in tempore in time
nunc aut nunquam now or never
nosco study
radix root, base
somnium dream
litteratura grammar, alphabet
professio profession, occupation
allegro fast
animato spirited,with life
cantabile in singing style
crescendo gradually louder
giocoso joyfully
grave very slow
vivace lively
simplex simple,plain
Created by: TaylorNguyen