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Latin in Mathematics

Latin Roots Often Used in Mathematics

Latin TermDefinition, Derivative
acus needle
angulus sharp bend, corner
area open space, site
catenareus chain
centrum center
centum one hundred
circulus circle, orbit, zone
congruere to agree, coincide, be consistent
dividere to divide, separate, break up
duo decem twelve, dozen
exponere to set forth, put out
frangere to break, shatter, crush
geometria geometry
hypotenusa hypotenuse
logarithmus logarithm
multiplicare to multiply
obtundere to strike, make blunt, beat
obtusus blunt, dull, obtuse
plus more
positivus positive
secare to cut, severe
sequi to follow
quadrare to square up, make square
tangere to touch, strike, border on
vehere to bear, carry, convey
minus less
subtrahere to carry off, take away, subtract
addere to add, insert, increase
additio act of adding, addition
ratio account, reckoning, regard
quotiens how often
summa whole, main part
numerus number, sum, total
integer complete, whole, sound
per centum through one hundred, by one hundred
pendere to hang, hang down, depend
circum around, about
ferre to bring, carry, bear
arcus arc, bow, arch, curve
radius ray, rod
tres three (as in triangle)
rectus right, proper, straight
infinitum boundless, unlimited, endless
ad infinitum to infinity
a fortiori with stronger reason
a posteriori from effect to cause
exempli gratia for example (e.g.)
id est that is (i.e.)
ipso facto by that very fact
nota bene note well (n.b.)
per impossibile as is impossible
quod erat demonstrandum that which was to have been proved (Q.E.D.)
quod erat faciendum that which was to have been shown (Q.E.F.)
confer bring together, compare (cf.)
ergo therefore
ex post facto from what is done afterward
in toto entirely
in vacuo in a vacuum
findere to split, cleave, divide
vector carrier, passenger, rider
torquere to turn, twist
velocitas speed, swiftness
momentum movement, change, motion
potentia power, force
remanere to remain, stay behind
minuere to reduce, lessen
norma carpenter's square
Created by: stephenw