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Major Greater
Minor Smaller
Musica Music
Lente Slowly
Tempus Time
Fortis Strong
Fluta Flute
Coda Tail
Chorus Choir
Symphonia Symphony
Harmonia Harmony
Vitae Violin
Gravis Bass
Symphoniacus Conductor
Melos Melody
Cithara Harp or Guitar
Tuba Trumpet
Rhythmus Rhythm
Veloce Swift
Vivace Vivacious
Presto Ready
Accelerare Speed Up
Agitato Agitated
Fine End
Cantabile Songs
Diminuendo Diminishing
Molto Very
Primo First
Sempre Always
Subito Suddenly
Audire Listen
Nota Score
Cantus Chant
Concentus Blending of Sounds
Componere Compose
Intermissio Pause
Retardo Slow Down
Arcus Bow
Tympana Drums
Nobile Noble
Altus High
Dulcis Sweet
Accentus Accent
Tonus Tone
Tranquillo Calmly, Peacefully
Augmentata Augmented
Diminutum Diminished
Animus Soul
Magnificus Magnificent
Ictus Beat
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