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Latin Project Vocab

Latin Fourth 9 Weeks Project

Ingenium innate quality
Per Unitatem Vis through unity, strength
Labor Omnia Vincit labor conquers all things
Aedifico build
Chemia chemistry
Missa dismisssal
Ecce Agnus Dei behold the lamb of God
Ecce Qui Tolis Peccatae Mundi behold him who takes away the sins of the world
Christus Resurrexit Christ is risen
In Hoc Signo Crucis Vinces in this sign you will conquer
Habemus Papam we have a pope
Corpus Christi body of Christ
Precor pray
Adoro worship
Amicitia friendship
Amicus friend
Amo love
Amplector embrace
Angelus angel
Animus spirit
Aqua water
Architectus architect
Bonus good
Callidus clever
Canis dog
Caudex idiot
Centum a hundred
Clamo shout
Rem Conticere finish the job
Confido trust
Consumo eat
Decipio trick
Deus God
Dies Natalis birthday
Dormio sleep
Equus horse
Facio make
Flocci Non Facio I don't give a hoot about
Gratiae thanks
Habito live
Iter journey
Litus shore
Magicus magic
Pecunia money
Rusticus country
Solutus relaxed
Stultus stupid
Traho drag
Verum truth
Vexo annoy
Created by: t.aggie2019