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Latin Vocab Quiz12

50 vocab words for latin quiz

tutu, tutum safe
indo, induere, indui put on
plus more
Plena full
ascendo, ascendere climb, rise
verbo,verbare words
Morbus illness
fons, fontem fountain
tardus, tarda late
durus, dura harsh, hard
aureus, aurea golden
confide, confidere trust
lacrimo, lacrimare cry, weep
regressus having returned
venenum, veneni poison
nonnulli some
avide eagerly
Locutus having spoken
administro, administrare manage
Virtus, virtutis Courage
cello, celere hide
caelum, caeli sky
amo, amare love
Sedeo, sedere sit
Sto, stare Stand
Surgo, surgere Rise
Homonculus, homonculi little man, pip-squeak
humus, humi on the ground
Vita, vitae life
volo, velle, volui wish, want
verbo, verberare strike, beat
nuper recently
numerous, numeri number
pumilio, pumilionis dwarf
pulcher, pulchra beautiful
prudentia, prudentiae prudence, good sense
puella, puellae girl
puer, pueri boy
iuvenis, iuvenis young man
scribe, scribere write
Salve Hello
senex, senis old man
silva, silvae woods
cato, cantare sing
cacer, caceris prison
Carmen, carminis song
circum around
ursa, ursae bear
uxor, uxoris wife
publicus, publica public
Created by: AllieRochelle12