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Brett Vazquez1

Blume Ch. 13.2

What does annelids mean? "little rings"
What are setae? bristle like structures on the outside of each body segment, they help move and "sense" the enviorment
What type of symmetry do segmented worms have? bilateral symmetry
Segmented worms have 2 body openings, what is the posterior opening called the anus
Name 2 examples of segmented worms earthworms, marine worms, and leeches
What is the crop used for? It is a sac used for storage
What muscular structure located behind the crop grinds soil to bits of organic matter the gizzard
What are castings? waste that piles up at the openings of earthworm burrows
True or false, the earthworm has an open circulatory system false
What is the blood vessel on the top of its body called the dorsal vessel
What is the blood vessel on the bottom of its body called the ventral vessel
Do earthworms have gills or lungs? Neither. They exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide through their skin
How do earthworms reproduce? They are hermaphrodites which means the produce both sperm and eggs but they cannot fertilize themselves
How many species of marine worms are there? More than 8,000
True or false, some marine worms can produce their own light true
Created by: bvazquez
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