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Latin Project

Actor ludio
Stage aetas
Play lascivio
Satire satira
Wicked scelestus
Rent mercedula
Dollhouse pupa domus
Rehearsal recitatio
Choir chorus
Music musica
Book libro
Dinner cena
Love amare
Picture pictura
Singing cantare
History historia
Cat feles
Purple purpura
30 triginta
Rock saxum
Park hortus
Recreation lusus
Sleep dormire
Firefly stella
Serenity serenitas
Pork suilla
Laugh ridere
Silver argentum
Gold aurum
Bed lectus
Star Wars stella bella
France gallia
Greece graecia
England Britannica
Think cogere
I want to go to there volo ad ibi ire
What the what? qualle quid
Fun laetatio
Food cibus
Magic magica
Friendship amicita
Costume ornatus
Wig galerus
Turtle testudo
Tree arbor
Blanket lodicula
Latin latina
Fifteen quindecim
Dance tripudium
Parade pompa
Created by: 100000713258447