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HP Latin Project

Harry Potter spells for the Latin Project

Accio I summon
Aguamenti derived from the Latin aqua meaning "water" and mens meaning "mind"
Anapneo "I breathe, I breathe again, I catch my breath" (Greek)
Avis bird
Cantis from canto, cantare meaning "to sing"
Cave inimicum "beware of the enemy"
Confringo "I ruin"
Confundo "I jumble/confuse"
Crucio "I torture"
Defodio "I dig, bury"
Deprimo "I press down"
Descendo "I descend/climb down
Diminuendo "to dimminish"
Diffindo "I split/break down"
Duro "I harden"
Erecto from classical Latin erigo "I raise"
Evanesco "I disappear/pass away"
Expecto Patronum "I await a guardian"
Ferula "a staff, stick"
Fidelius "very faithful, more faithful"
Finite Incantatem "end the spell"
Flagrate "burn, ignite"
Geminio "I double/reinforce"
Immobilus from the Latin immobilis meaning "immobile"
Impedimenta "burden, luggage"
Imperio "I command"
Impervius "impassable"
Incendio from the Latin incendo, "I set fire to"
Levicorpus from levo, "I lift" and corpus, "body"
Lumos from the Latin lumen, "light, lamp"
Mobilicorpus from mobilis, "movement" and corpus, "body"
Morsmordre from mors, mortis meaning death"
Nox "night"
Obliviate from obliviscimini meaning "forget"
Obscuro "I darken, hide, conceal"
Oppugno "I fight, attack"
Portus from porta meaning "gate, doorway"
Protego "I cover, protect"
Protego Totalum roughly "I protect the whole thing"
Quietus "calm, peaceful"
Reducto from reduco, meaning "brought back, restore"
Reparo "I restore, renew"
Sectumsempra pseudo-Latin from seco meaning "cut up, make an incision" and simper meaning "always"
Serpensortia from serpens meaning "serpent" and ortus meaning "to be created"
Silenco in classical Latin, silentium meaning "silence"
Sonorus "noisy, thunderous"
Stupefy comes from stupeo meaning "tp be stunned, numbed"
Tergeo "clean, wipe"
Ventus comes from the Latin word meaning "wind"
Vermiculus comes from the Latin word meaning "little worm"
Created by: e.will.1113