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Latin Animals

Different Latin names for animals.

Latin WordEnglish Word
agnus lamb
apis bee
aries ram
asinus donkey
avis bird
bos cow
canis dog
cervus deer
lepus rabbit
delphinus dolphin
elephantus elephant
equus horse
lupus wolf
mulus mule
mus mouse
orca whale
ovis sheep
piscis fish
porcus pig
pullus chicken
serpens snake
taurus bull
tigris tiger
ursus bear
vacca cow
testudo tortoise
gallina hen
gallus rooster
crocodilus crocodile
rana frog
bufo toad
squalua shark
squilla shrimp
locusta lobster
polypus octopus
torpedo stingray
urtica jellyfish
cancer crab
anguilla eel
ostrea oyster
pellicanus pelican
ana duck
papilio butterfly
vulpes fox
simia monkey
aquila eagle
corvus crow
scuirus squirrel
vultur vulture
turcia turkey
Created by: josh_evard