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Latin 1 Nwks 4

50 latin words

aliquid something
amica, amicae friend
athleta, athleta athlete
bonus, bona, bonum good
callidus, callida, callidum clever, smart
carmen, carminis song
civis citizen
decem ten
deus god
dicto, dictare, dictavi dictate
consisto, consistere, constiti stand one's ground
doctus, docta, doctum educated, learned, skillful
donum, doni gift
exerceo, exercere, exercui exercise
fortis, forte brave, strong
fundus, fundi farm
gusto, gustare, gustavi taste
intente intently
navis ship
natura, naturae nature
luna, lunae moon
leo, leonis lion
omnis, omne all
servo, servare, sarvavi save, protect
pugil, pugilis boxer
sacer, sacra, sacrum sacred
quotannis every year
rusticus country
rex, regis king
semper always
urbs, urbis city
umbra, umbrae ghost, shadow
villa. villae large house
vinco, vincere, vici win, be victorious
theatrum, theatri theater
supero, superare, superavi overcome, overpower, overtake
unda, undae wave
optimus, optima, optimum excellent, the best
mare, maris sea
bibo, bibere, bibi drink
canis dog
frater, fratris brother
frustra in vain
euge! hurrah!
intente intently
intro, intrare, intravi enter
nomen, nominis name
primus, prima, primum first
probus, proba, probum honest
promitto, promittere, promisi promise
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