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Nine Weeks Project

50 Latin Terms or Phrases Used in Catholicism and Nutrition

Miserere Nobis have mercy on us
Agnus Dei Lamb of God
dona nobis pacem grant us peace
Kyrie eleison Lord have mercy
Christe eleison Christ have mercy
Veni Sancte Spiritus O come Holy Spirit
Domine, exaudi vocem meam Lord, hear my voice
Speravit anima mea in Domino My soul has hoped in the Lord
Ubi Caritas est vera where charity is true
Adeste Fideles O come, all ye faithful
Credo I believe
Dominus Lord
crux cross
fiat lux let there be light
laus deo praise to God
ora pro hobis pray for us
peccavi I have sinned
bona fides good faith
gloria in excelsis Glory to God in the Highest
deo gratias Thanks be to God
Corpus Christi feast of the body of Christ
beati pauperes spiritu Blessed are the poor in spirit
nurti nourish; nutrition
sanitas health
adipo fat
articulo joint
cutane skin
genu knee
hemat blood
atrio heart
sudo sweat
lacertus muscle
obsonium vegetables
siligo wheat
damma meat
arbutum fruit
baca berry
aqua water
curro run
contendo stretch
ulna elbow
bracchium wrist
talus ankle
legumen pulse
angustiae shortness of breath
anhelitus breath
ceno eat
daps meal
alimentum food
exerceo exercise
Created by: 0001022229