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Latin II Project

Study Stack for 4th 9 weeks project

Veritate Duce Progredi To Advance with Truth as our Guide
Civium in moribus rei publicae salus The welfare of the state depends upon the morals of its citizens
Artes Scientia Veritas Art, Science, Truth
Mens Agitat Molem Minds Move Mountains
Disciplina praesidium civitatis Education, the Guardian of Society
medicus,-i doctor
Abscessus Abscess
Absente febre (Abs. feb.) Fever being absent.
Accessio Seizure
Accurate Accurately
Acerbus Sharp, harsh (to the taste)
Ad conciliandum gustum To suit the taste
Ad duas vices At twice taking
Ad partes dolentes (Ad. Part. Dolent.) To the painful (aching) parts
Ad saturandum (Ad sat.) To saturation
Ad secundum vicem For the second time
Ad tertiam vicem For the third time
Adde, Addantur Add, Let them be added
Adhibendus (Adhib.) To be administered
Adstante febri (Ads. feb.) While fever is present.
Adversum (Adv.) Against.
Aeger The sick one, the patient.
Aggrediente febre (Aggr. feb.) While the fever is coming on.
Agita Shake, stir
Agita ante sumendum Shake before taking
Agitato vase The vile being shaken
Agitetur Let it be shaken or stirred
Alternis horis Every other hour
Alvus The belly, the bowels
Ante cibum (AC) Before meals
Apoplexia Apoplexy, Stroke
Appone, Applica Apply, Lay or put on
Aqua pura (Aq. pur.) Pure water. (filtered, not distilled
Baccalaureus Medicinae (BM) Bachelor of Medicine.
Balneum maris (BM) Salt-water bath
Balneum tepidum (BT) A tepid bath
Bis in die (bid.) Twice a day
Bolus A large pill
Brachium Arm.
Bulliat, Bulliant Let it (or them) boil
Calor Heat, warmth
Capiatur (Capr.) Let it be taken
Capillus A hair
Caput The head
Caute Cautiously.
Cena Supper
Cito Quickly
Clarus Bright, clear
Cochleare, Cochleatim A spoonful. By spoonfuls
Coctio Boiling
Colaturas About to strain
Collum The neck
Created by: Nicole Mathews