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Theory Exam #3

Subculture People who have a distinct identity and yet are related to a larger cultural group.
Bicultural Person who has dual patterns of identification and crosses 2 cultures, lifestyles and sets of values
Diversity Differences in sex, age, culture, education, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, religion, etc. Can be between a cultural group and within a cultural group.
Race Social and physical characteristics as well as ancestry.
Ethnicity Relationship between individuals who believe they have different characteristics that make them a group. May shift over time.
Nationality Sovereign state where one has membership. Can be multinational, holding citizenship in two countries
Religion system of beliefs, practices and ethical values about divine of superhuman power worshiped as the creator and ruler of the universe.
Ethnocentrism belief in superiority of one's own culture and lifestyle
Prejudice Preconceived notion or judgement that is not based on sufficient knowledge. Can lead to stereotyping and discriminatory behavior.
Racism Assumptions held about racial group e.g. races are biologically discrete, exclusive groups are inherently unequal and ranked in a hierarchy.
Discrimination Negative treatment based on race, ethnicity, gender, or other group membership
Generalizations Statements about common cultural patterns-can lead to stereotyping
Stereotyping Assumption that an individual reflects all the characteristics of the group
Created by: dukessoftball11
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