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Latin Vocab/project

caput head
bols large pill
collum neck
decanta pour off
decessus dead
decubitus lying down
et and
etiam also
dolor pain
donec until
flavus yellow
flores flower
hora an hour
frigor cold
hirudo leech
intus inwardly
inter between
ita in such manner
lectus bed
nunc now
os mouth
optimus best
paucus few
pectus the breast
pestis plague
pes foot
recens fresh
recip take
saepe frequently
sal salt
tegmen a cover
tum then
tusis a cough
vires strength
vinum wine
tuto safety
ulna elbow
spasmus cramps
sine without
simul together
somnus sleep
spissus dense
siccus dry
proximo nearest
pulvis powder
noctis night
latus side
infectio infection
quorum of which
recens fresh
Created by: briantlu10