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Latin Med. Terms

50 medical terms derived from Latin.

Adipose Fatty
Albumin Protein found in the blood.
Blastocyte Embryonic cell.
Bradycardia Slow heart rhythm.
Carcinoma Malignant growth (Cancer).
Cystology Study of cells.
Dermatitis Inflammation of the skin.
Dorsiflexion Upward bending of hand or foot.
Enterocolitis Inflammation of the intestines/colon.
Febrile Feverish.
Filament Fine thread.
Galactose Sugar obtained from milk.
Gestation Pregnancy.
Glycogen Form of sugar.
Hematology Study of the blood.
Hydrops Excess watery fluid.
Leukocytes White blood cells.
Melancholia Depression.
Myelalgia Pain in the spinal cord.
Nephritis Inflammation of the kidneys.
Oculomotor Eye movement.
Otitis Inflammation of the ear.
Pathogen Disease causing organism.
Pediatrics Care of children.
Podiatry Care of the foot.
Apoplexia Stroke
Metaphase Second stage of cell division.
Morphology Study of structure of organisms.
Multifocal Arising from multiple locations.
Polydipsia Extreme thirst.
Postoperative After Surgery.
Supercilia Eyelashes
Transdermal Enter through the skin.
Adenocele Cystic tumor in a gland.
Brachial Artery Artery in the upper arm.
Calcaneous Heel
Cephalalgia Pain in the hand.
Gastritis Inflammation of the stomach.
Glossitis Inflammation of the toungue.
Hysterectomy Surgical removal of the uterus.
Labiograph Instrument that records lip movement.
Myxoid Resembling mucus.
Ophthalmia Inflammation of the eyes.
Pharmacotherapy Treatment with medicine.
Pharyngitis Sore throat.
Psychiatry Study and treatment of mental disorders.
Subclinical Without symptoms.
Cardiac Pertaining to the heart.
Chondritis Inflammation of cartilage.
Cyanotic Blue colored.
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