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F. Schubert

Franz Schubert: Erlkonig

life date 1797-1828
Birth place Vienna, Austria
father Franz Theodore Schubert, Schoolmaster
family played in a string quartet
esteemed composer ______ taught him _____ and ____ Antonio Salieri, Theory and Composition
wrote what songs in late teens Gretchen Am Spinnrade, Erlkonig
worked briefly for which family Esterhazy family
other important composers, families Johann Michael Vogl(renowned baritone), Sonnleithner family(held evenings showcasing Schuberts talent)
influenced by: Mozart and Beethoven
combines what two traits classism and romanticism
famous works great(Symphony), Death and the maiden(Chamber work),
Lied musical setting of a german poem, for solo voice, generally with piano accompaniement
durchkomponiiert (through-composed)avoids repeating sections of music
genre of piece lied
date of compostition 1815
schnell fast
musical features changing voice(characters voices) left hand depicts horse's steps, harmonic chords
Created by: olaurie
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