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Favorite Latin

My 50 most favorite Latin words so far

puella girl
puer boy
amo to love, like
adiuvo to help
ambulo to walk
anicilla slave-girl, slave-woman
angelus angel
aqua water
audio to hear
aureus golden
bene well
caelum heaven
canis dog
canto to sing
carmen song
casus misfortune
causa reason
caveo to beware
cibus food
celo to hide
cogito to think, consider
confido to trust
crudelis cruel
cubiculum bedroom
curro to run
contemno to reject
despero to despair
dignitas dignity
dormio to sleep
domina mistress
facio to do, make
feles cat
fidelis loyal
flos flower
forma beauty
fortis brave
fur thief
gemmma gem
gratiae thanks
habito to live
horoscopos horoscope
iacio to throw
ignavus cowardly, lazy
infelix unlucky
innocens innocent
iubeo to order
iuvenis young man
laboro to work
laetus happy
lacrimo to weep
laudo to praise
leo lion
luna moon
malus evil
maneo to stay
mater mother
mendax liar
mus mouse
neco to kill
nemo no one
nihil nothing
nox night
obesus fat
omnis all
osculum kiss
pater father
paro to prepare
poena punishment
pestis pest
patientia patience
pipio to chirp, peep
pulcher beautiful
quietus quiet
quare? why?
rado to scratch
rex king
salve! hello!
scribo to write
seco to cut
sed but
et and
servus slave
solus alone
stella star
stola dress
suspirium heart-throb
tenebrae darkness
venenum poison
verum truth
vexo to annoy
volo to want
vulnus wound
Created by: Kimicat