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Latin mock vocab '13

vocab from chapters 14,15 and 16 with side notes

lavo I wash
exerceo I exercise, train
cano I sing
contendo I walk, march, hasten
gero I carry, wear
eo to there, thither
hodie today
postea afterwards
is, ea, id he, she, it, that
quidam, quaedam, quoddam a certain
familia family, household
gloria glory
locus place
populas people
carmen song
centurio centurion
flos flower
imperator general
iuvenis young man
legio legion
miles soldier
parens parent
senex old man
cotidie every day
lararium shrine to the Lares
fundit pours
supplicat beseeches
pecora flocks
dies festus holy day
celebramus we are celebrating
sacrum sacred
in quo in which
carpunt pick
coronas garlands
sacerdos priest
alma kindly
agnas the lambs
morbos arce keep off diseases
epulas feast
acervos heaps
stipulae of straw
transiliunt jump over
plaudunt clap, applaud
immemor forgetful of
paludamentum a purple cloak
candido white
vectus riding on
exercitum army
equitant riding on
legati legionary commanders
gregarii ordinary, common
putidus rotton
nisi except
augere to increase
sine dubio without doubt
inspuit he spits onto
novissimi the last
praetereunt are passing by
plura more (things)
tempto I try
bellum gero I wage war
dedo I give up, surrender
repello I drive back
circumvenio I surround
volo I am willing, I wish
nolo I refuse, I am unwilling
haud not
postridie the next day
procul far
quomodo? how?
et...et both...and
toga toga
auxilium help
proelium battle
civis citizen
consul consul
dictator dictator
moenia walls
senatus senate
hic, haec, hoc this
ipse, ipsa, ipsum self
pauper poor
trans+acc across
de+abl about
quam fabulam? what story?
audivisti you have heard
militiae peritus experienced in war
illo tempore in that time
fines Romanos Roman territory
imperitus inexperienced
curiam the senate house
patres the fathers, the senators
creare to appoint
proferre to bring out
obviam ei to meet him
libero i free
evado i escape
posco I demand
rumpa i break
custodio i guard
dignus worthy
summus highest, greatest
liber free
quoque also
non solum...sed etiam not only... but also
statua statue
exemplum example
frumentum grain, corn
praesidium garrison
custos guard
flumen river
foedus treaty
obses hostage
pax peace
virgo virgin
virtus courgae, virtue
erat was
praebuerunt showed
sicut like
narrabo I will tell
multis abhinc annis many years ago
ieiuni starving
ullo pacto on any terms
condiciones conditions
ab obsidione desistere to cease from the siege
pleraeque several
e manibus from the hands
fallit deceives
manum a band
tranat she swims across
desistit he ceases from
versus changing to
si...reddideritis if you give back
servabo I shall keep
liberabo I shall free
libens willingly
redintegrata renewed
honore insigni with an exceptional honour
commemorant they commemorate
eius... insidentis of her sitting on
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