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Latin Law Terms

50 project words

ab extra From outside
ab initio From the beginning
actus reus Guilty dead, act
ad infinitum To infinity, forever
aliunde From a different source
ante before
bona fide Sincere, in good faith
concurrere To meet
infringere violate, transgress
ordinaire to organize
posteritas posterity
cadit quaestio question falls, no further argument
certiorari A write from a High Court to Lower Court
consensu Unanimously, by general consent
contra to the contrary
contra bonos mores Contrary to good morals
coram non judice Before one who is not a judge
corpus body
custos morum a guardian of morals
de die in diem From day to day
lex law
Habeas Corpus issued to bring a party before a court to prevent unlawful restraint
de facto in fact
de futuro in the future
de integro regards the whole
de jure de jure
de lege lata what the law is
doli incapax incapable of crime
dominium ownership
dubitante to doubt correction of a decision
ex cathedra with official authority
ex concessis view of whats accepted
ex facie the fact of
ex gratia from kindness, voluntary
ex post facto By reason of a subsequent fact
faciendum something to be done
factum act,deed
in camera in private
in delicto At fault
in esse In existence
in limine on the threshold
in omnibus every respect
nexus connection
nisi unless
prima impressionis On first impression
secus legal position is otherwise
Bancus Communium Placitorum Court of Common Pleas
ambigendi locus room for doubt
amicus curiae friend of the court
fieri facias writ authorizing execution of a judgment
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