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Japanese E-2 CH11 Vo

Japanese E-2 CH11 Vocabulary

あき fall, autumn
あめ rain
かぜ wind
きおん air temperature
きこう climate
きせつ season
きた north
きょねん last year
くも cloud
くもり cloudy
けさ this morning
ことし this year
さいきん recent, recently
たいふう typhoon
つゆ rainy season
てんき weather
てんきよほう weather forecast
なつ summer
なんせい southwest
なんとう southeast
にし west
にわかあめ shower (rain)
のち after
はる spring
はれ sunny weather
ひがし east
ふゆ winter
ほう direction
ほくせい northwest
ほくとう northeast
マイナス minus
みなみ south
ゆうがた evening
ゆき snow
よる night
あがる to rise, to go up
くもる to become cloudy
さがる to fall, to go down
しる to come to know
しっている to know
しらない don't know
つづく to continue
ふく to blow
ふる to fall
はれる to become sunny
あたたかい warm 暖かい (air temperature)
あたたかい warm 温かい (other objects such as water, food, heart, etc.)
あつい hot 暑い (air temperature)
あつい hot 熱い (other objects such as water, food, heart, etc.)
さむい cold
すずしい cool
つよい strong
はやい early
よわい weak
むしあつい humid
わるい bad
きゅう(な) sudden
きゅうに suddenly
いや(な) unpleasant, yuck
~ど degree, temperature
~がつ month
~のち~ after, あめのちはれ
ほんとう(に)/ほんと(に) truly, really, indeed
ほんとう(に) vs. ほんと(に) ほんと(に) is more conversational
Created by: ncommons