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Hersey Vocab Vietnam

Hersey Vocab Vietnam in the 60's Vocab Pages 50-77

communal shared or mutual
conventional traditional or accepted
ethos set of values or ethic
illusion dream or fantasy
phenomenon extraordinary person or event
scarcity poverty
trite commonplace, ordinary, cliched
barrio Spanish term for neighborhood
discord conflict, disharmony
furtively secretly, stealthily, covertly
intuitive instinctive, not based on reason
marrow core, basic nature
pyre combustible heap or pile of material to be burned
queuing filing or lining up
tumult turmoil, agitation
undulant rising and falling or wave-like
hamlet small village
Round Eyes Vietnamese slang term for Americans
atrocity outrage or monstrous act
condemn blame or denounce
confronted approached, spoke with
flailing moving, thrashing
massare slaughter, extermination
premeditated planned, throughout
scenarios possible sequence of events
mocking laughing at or defying
complacent self satisfying or unconcerned
disoriented confused or mixed up
innocuous harmless or unoffensive
invincible unconquerable, not subject to harm
loathing hatred, hostility, antipathy
maternal motherly
preconception prejudgment or prejudice
reluctantly unwillingly and hesitantly
traumatic disturbing, upsetting, and shocking
vulnerable exposed and unprotected
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