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AKA Nitrostat, is a smooth muscle relaxant that reduces peripheral vascular resistance, BP, venous return, and cardiac workload. Nitroglycerin
Indicated for chest pain associated w angina and AMI, acute pulmonary edema. Nitroglycerin
Contraindicated for tolerance to nitrates, severe anemia, head trauma, hypotension, increased ICP, pts taking sildenafil, glaucoma, shock. Nitroglycerin
May induce headache, sometimes severe, is light sensitive and will lose potency when exposed to the air. Nitroglycerin
Dosed at 1 tab (.4mg) up to 3 tabs, or 1 spray (.4mg) up to 3 sprays in 15min or half- 1 inch topical ointment. Nitroglycerin
A self administered analgesic gas composed of 50% oxygen and 50% Nitrous oxide. Nitrous Oxide
AKA Nitronox its effects only last 2-5min after administration ceases. Nitrous Oxide
Indicated for musculoskeletal, burn, and ischemic chest pain, severe anxiety (including hyperventilation) Nitrous Oxide
Contraindicated for possible bowel obstruction, pneumothorax or tension pneumothorax, COPD, head injury, impaired mental status, drug intoxication. Nitrous Oxide
Self administered inhalation until pain is relieved or the pt drops the mask. Nitrous Oxide
A naturally occuring catecholemine and causes vasoconstriction, cardiac stimulation, and increased BP, myocardial O2 demand, and coronary blood flow. Norepinephrine
Indications Refractory hypotension and neurogenic shock. Norepinephrine
Contraindicates of hypotension due to hypovolemia. Norepinephrine
AKA Levophed dosed at 0.1-0.5mcg/kg/min IV/IO, titrated to response. Norepinephrine
AKA Zofran is a selective seretonin receptor antagonist preventing nausea and vomiting. Ondansetron
Indicated for nausea and vomiting. Ondansetron
Cautioned for pregnancy, nursing mothers, and kids under 3. Ondansetron
Dosage of 4-8mg IV over 1-5min Ondansetron
An oderless, colorless, tasteless gas, essential for life, one of the most important emergency drugs. Oxygen
Indicated for anticipated hypoxia, or in any medical or trauma pt to improve respiratory eficiency. Oxygen
Cautioned for COPD, and very prolonged administration of high concentrations in the newborn. Oxygen
Dosage is 100% by inhalation or IPPV. Oxygen
A naturally occuring hormone, AKA Pitocin, that causes the uterus to contract, therby inducing labor, encouraging delivery of the placenta, and controlling post partum hemorrhage. Oxytocin
Indicated for severe postpartum hemorrhage. Oxytocin
Contraindicated in prehospital administration before delivery on infant/s Oxytocin
Dosage of 3-10units IM afer delivery of the placenta. 10-20units in 500ml of D5W or NS IV titrated to effect. Oxytocin
A nondepolarizing neuromuscular blocked that causes paraylis wo bronchospasm or hypotension. Pancuronium
It does not cause the facilitations associated w polarizing agents. Pancuronium
Indicatd to facilitate endotracheal intubation. Pancuronium
Contraindicated for bromides or tachycardia. Pancuronium
Dosage of .04-0.1mg/kg IV Pancuronium
A long acting barbiturate anticonvulsant w sedative and hypnotic effects that limits the spread of seizure activity. Phenobarbital
Indicated for seizures, status epilepticus, acute anxiety. Phenobarbital
Contraindicated for hypersensitivity to barbiturates. Phenobarbital
Dosage of 100-300mg slow IV/IM Phenobarbital
Is a derivative related to phenobarbital that reduces the spread of electrical discharges in the motor cortex and inhibits seizures. Phenytoin
It also has antidysrhythmic properties that "could depress spontaneous ventricular depolarization." Phenytoin
Indicated for seizures, status epilepticus, cardiac dysrhythmias secondary to digitalis toxicity. Phenytoin
Contraindicated for seizures due to hypoglycemia, sinus brady, heart block, Adams-Stokes syndrome Phenytoin
AKA Dilantin is dosed at 15-18mg/kg slow IV for seizures/status epilepticus. Phenytoin
Give 100mg slow IV (over 5 min) to a max 1000mg for dysrhythmias. Phenytoin
Reactivates cholinesterase and reinstitutes the degrading of acetylcholine and restores normal neuromuscular transmission. Pralidoxime
Used to reverse severe organophosphate poisoning. Pralidoxime
Indicated for Organophosphate poisoning Pralidoxime
Contraindicated for carbamate insecticides (Sevin) inorganic phosphates, and organophosphates wo anticholinesterase activity. Pralidoxime
Contraindicated for asthma, peptic ulcer disease, severe cardiac disease, or pts receiving aminophylline, theophylline, morphine, succinylcholine, resperidine, or phenothiazines. Pralidoxime
AKA 2-PAM is dosed at 1-2g in 250-500ml NS infused over 30 min, or 1-2g I /CQ if IV not feasible. Pralidoxime
Is an antidysrhythmic that prolongs ventricular repolarization, slows conduction, and decreases myocardial excitability. Procainamide
Indicated for V-Fib and Pulseless V-Tach refractory to lidocaine Procainamide
AKA Pronestyl, it is dosed at 20mg/min IV drip up to 17mg/kg to effect, then 1-4mg/min Procainamide
An anticholinergic agent that enhances the effects of analgesics and is a potent antiemetic. Promethazine
Indicated for nausea and vomiting, motion sickness, to enhance the effects of analgesics, to induce sedation. Promethazine
Contraindicated for hypersensitivity to phenothiazines. Promethazine
AKA Phenergan, it is dosed at 12.5-25mg IV/IM/PR Promethazine
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