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Favorite Latin Words

Top 50 favorite latin words and phrases

crucio to torture
confundo confuse
draco dragon
caput head
semper always
fidelis faithful
paratus prepared
lupus wolf
nox night\darkness
lumen light
patronus protector
petrificus totalus totally petrify
laudo praise
immotus motionless\still
levo raise
puella girl
volo want
venia mercy
luna moon
salto dance
pax peace
carpe diem seize the day
subito suddenly
poco a poco little by little
agnus dei Lamb of God
necesse est it is necessary
a cruce salus from the cross comes salvation
percussit stike
crescendus to be increased
amo love
amico\amica friend
dies natalis birthday
rideo laugh/smile
vivere ridetis amor live, laugh, love
annus domini year of the lord
hora hour
ager field
annus year
agricola farmer
ante bellum before the war
auxilium help
caelum sky (heaven)
bonus good
Christus Christ
scientia knowledge
discipulus student
doceo teach
ecclesia church
eruditio learning
puer boy
sapiens wise
celeriter quickly
lego read
scribo write
patria country
mater mother
pater father
urbs city
Created by: maceyknobloch