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50 Latin Words

A list of 50 interesting Latin words and phrases

Excelsior Ever upward (New York State Motto)
Eureka! I've found it! (California State Motto)
Natator Swimmer
Nare To swim
Canis Dog
Draco dormiens numquam titillandus Never tickle a sleeping dragon (Hogwarts motto)
Expelliarmus Expelle=expel;arma=weapons
Minerva McGonagall Minerva is the goddess of wisdom; transfigures i.e. McGonagall is transfigufation teacher
Ad astra per aspera To the starts through difficulty (Kansas state motto)
Et cetera And the rest and so on
Ursa major The biggest bear (constellation)
Educatio A breeding, bringing up, rearing (gets derivative education)
Alma mater Kind mother (used by old students about university)
Amo Love
Calor Heat, warmth (derivative calorie)
Equus, equui Horse
Albus (alb-) Dull white (derivative albino)
Bellus (belli-) Pretty (derivative embellishment)
Bene (ben-) Good (derivative benefit)
Bracchium (brac-) Arm (derivative bracelet, bracchia)
Cras Tomorrow (derivative procrastinate)
Culina (culin-) Kitchen (derivative culinary)
Dens (dent-) Tooth (derivative dental)
Dies (die-) Day (derivative diary)
Feles (fel-) Cat (derivative feline)
Ferus (fer-) Wild (derivative ferocious)
Filia Daughter
Mater Mother
Pater Father
Soror Sister
Finis End (derivative finish)
Flos (flor-) Flower (derivative floral)
Fungus (fung-) Mushroom (derivative fungal)
Gustus (gust-) Taste (derivative disgust)
Liber (libr-) Book (derivative librarian)
Mare (mar-) Sea (derivative marine)
Maturus (matur-) Ripe (derivative immature)
Panis (pan-) Bread (derivative panera)
Spes (sper-) Hope (derivative desperate)
Unda (und-) Wave (derivative undulation)
Audio (aud-) Hear (derivative audibility)
Cano (can-) Sing (derivative cantor)
Coquo (coqu-) Cook (derivative concoction)
Flecto (flect-, flex-) Bend (derivative flexible)
Pingo (ping-) Paint (derivative pigment)
Urbs (urb-) City (derivative urban)
Terra (terr-) Dryland (derivative terrace)
Somnus (somn-) Sleep (derivative insomnia)
Pluma (plum-) Feather (derivative plumage)
Oculus (ocul-) Eye (derivative binocular)
Created by: Tkarnilaw17



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