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greek study guide

social studies

in "the hare and the tortoise"the hare loses the race because? the hare took a nap.
according to tradition ,the illiad and the odyssey were composed by ? homer
the ancient greeks honored their gods by? holding festivals
according to greek myth, prometheus gave humans ? fire
the illiadis an example of a ? epic poem
a short story, usually involves animals ,that teaches a moral lesson is a ? fable
the games held every 4 years at a festivial to honor zeus were called ? the olymipics
stories that portray greek gods and goddesses are called ? myths
the greeks believed that gods lived on? mount olympus
the ruler of the greek gods was called ? zeus
women, slaves,and people who moved to athens could not ? take past into government
the council of 500 was made up of ? 500 cities chosen at random
when someone was ostracized,they had to ? leave for 10 years
a government in which a majority of citizens make the decision is an ? democracy
the only greeks who had the right to take part in ruling in a city-state were ? cities
solon prevented a revolt by making a law that no citizen could ? be enslaved for debt
someone who took power in an illegal way was a ? tyrant
a government ruled by a few people is an ? oligarchy
the uppper class in greece was called the ? aristocracy
in greek,the word for city-states was called ? Polis
a body of land with water on three sides is an ? peninsula
greece is a peninsula that has a southern peninsula called ? pelopanisis
a narrow strip of land between two bodiesof water is a ? isthmus
the greeks used a system of writing developed be the ? phoenician
system of writing that uses symbols to stand for sounds is called an ? alphabet
the main products the greeks traded for were grain,timber,animal hydes and ? slaves
the first greek civilizations was called mycennean civilizations
in greece,mountains cover about ? 75% (percent)of the land
because of their location ,the ancient greeks became skilled ? sailors
in order to get more farmland the greeks? founded colonies in other regions
an army of 300 spartans guarded a narrow pass at ? thermopyla
women in sparta were expected to be ? emotionally and physically tough
to defeat persia ,athens worked together with ? sparta
an athens education was desighned to prepare boys to become good ? citizens
the modern long-distance race named after a city in greece that played an importaint role in persian wars is called an ? marathon
sparta focused on building a strong army because it feared a revolt by the ? helots
spartans conquered neighboring areas and forced its residents to become ? slaves
athens main rival was the city-state of sparta
a direct democracy was used to govern the greek city-state of ? athens
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