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stage 25 test

2 characteristics of a miles. How long was his tour of duty? A roman citizen and a full-time professional; 25 years
About how many men were in a legion? Give 3 capabilities of a legion. 5,000 men; they made forts, manufactured weapons, made roads
what two details about a possible recruit did the inquisitio have to confirm? They had to be a Roman citizen; had to pass a medical exam
According to Vegetius, what were four of the desirable characteristics of a recruit? Alert eyes, head upright, large calves, long fingers, brilliant mind
What are 5 types of physical training of the new recruit. marching, jumping, running, swimming, carrying heavy packs
Describe the weapons training of the new recruit. they started with a wooden sword and a wicker shield, and progressed to fighting a human
What did Vegetius advise as the best way to use a sword? thrust the sword
Define and give one detail about the gladius, pugio, scutum stabbing sword (worn on the right), shield (3 ft. long), dagger (worn on left)
What is a pilum? How long was it? How was it constructed? A javelin; 1.5 meters; pointed iron head
List 6 items the legionary soldier had to carry on route marches dishes, water bottles, woven cloak, food for days, overnight materials, body armor/ weapons
What did the legionary soldiers have to do at the end of a day's march? give instructions
What did the fully trained legionary soldier spend much of his time doing? building roads
List 8 peacetime duties recorded in inscriptional evidence building roads, building, working on pottery, working on baking, working on brewery, and building swords
What was the rate if pay during the reign of Domitian? List four of the deductions from that pay. 300 denarii; food, clothing, equipment, savings
How would a soldier's life change if he was promoted? More money, less duties
What two things might a soldier receive on being discharged? 3,000 denarii, allocation of land
What fighting skills did the various auxiliary troops have? What type of auxiliary troop was the most important? List three ways in which this auxiliary troop was used archers and slingers; cavalry; they would attack, defeat enemies, and protected the center
What was the reward for an auxiliary soldier on being discharged? Roman citizenship
what indicator is "isse" as in habuisset? pluperfect subjunctive
cum clause indicator? indirect question indicator? It has "cum" in the clause; has an interrogative word in the clause
Name types of verbs: (translate too) a) portabat b) portaret c) portaverat d) portavisset a) he was carrying (imperfect indicative) b) he was carrying (imperfect subjunctive) c) he had carried (pluperfect indicative) d) he had carried (pluperfect subjunctive)
Translation of esset and erat? he was
what does latent mean? hidden
How many miles did a young soldier have to march at a regulated pace for? 24 Roman miles
How many soldiers were in a Roman legion? 5,000 soldiers
What was a Roman soldier paid? 300 denarii
How long was a soldier's tour of duty? 25 years
What is a cinglum, pilum, pugio, caligae? A military belt; a javelin; a dagger; military sandals
What is an inquisitio? an investigating board
What wasn't a part of the auxiliary legions? A)slingers B)funditores C)legionary soldiers D)cavalry E)sagitarii C
What is the antonym for aliquis? nemo
What does sagita mean? arrow
What type of people were the archers and from where? Jewish/Syrian; from the coast of Spain
Who had the best cavalry? Celts and Iberians (AKA Spaniards)
What is Sagittarius? a constellation
What is the name of the Sagittarius(archer) in the constellation? Orion
In what time of year can he be seen with his companion (in the constellation)? summer time
What was his companion and what was its name? A dog named Sirius Black
Where is the dog seen on the constellation? By Orion's left heel
What phrase originated from this constellation meaning very hot weather? The Dog Days
Created by: sahil