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Chapter 9 APES

Sustaining Biodiversity: The Species Approach

Fill in the blank: Human activities deplete biodiversity and destroy many specie's natural ___________ habitats
The extinction of many species over a short period of time is called what? mass extinction
A humpback chub is NOT an example of an endangered or threatened species, true or false? false
Between endangered or threatened species, which one is still abundant in its natural range? threatened
Fill in the blank: Species play an important role in earth's _________ _________ natural capital
Non-native species can also disrupt ecosystems, true or false? true
Global warming is harming _______ bears in their fight against extinction polar
Do international species help to protect endangered species, yes or no? yes
Seeds are refrigerated here so that certain plant species are well preserved and continually grown, where is this? gene bank
The call for humans to take great precaution to prevent extinction for animals, even if it may not be proven that it directly relates to them is called what? The Precautionary Principle
Created by: Drew Whatley