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Vocab study


horreum barn, granary
aedificium building
aeger sick
plaustrum wagon
praesum be in charge of
lectus couch
sacerdos priest
unda wave
mare sea
nauta sailor
faber craftsman
flores flowers
ita in this way
tollo raise
supersum survive
imperator emperor
inter among
verto turn
postridie punish
simulac as soon as
nomen name
canis dog
imago image
dominus master
servus slave
locus place
maximus important
iniuriam injury
nocebit hurt
volnus wound
fractum broken
fascia bandage
redimiculum tape
Agita shake
Dosis dose
Exhaustio exhaustion
Feber fever
Infectio infection
Recens fresh
Sal salt
Alibi elsewhere
anima animal
carbo coal
deni ten
dexter right
dens tooth
domus house
femur thigh
honor honor
judex judge
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