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Personal Latin Vocab

athleta athlete
arrogantia arrogance
aequus fair, calm
vir man
amicus friend
angelus angel
architectus architect
auctor creator, originator
audax bold, daring
bestia beast
blandus flattering, charming
callidus clever
celer quick, fast
maximus greatest
coquus cook
avarus greedy
bellus handsome
bonus good, kind
sanus healthy
fortunatus fortunate
acer sharp
difficilis difficult
fortis strong, brave
ingens huge
gravis serious
dexter right-handed
felix lucky
magnanimus great-hearted
fidelis faithful
sapiens wise
pudicus modest
ludo play
dissimilis different
superus above
utilis useful
laetus happy
candidus bright
gratus grateful
firmus firm
mirabilis amazing
iustus just
nobilis noble
altus tall
music musica
somnolentus sleepy
popularis popular
familia family
canus dog
ceno eat
cibus food
somnus sleep
Created by: bluepopcorn123