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what type of orthopedic injury is an excessive pull of the muscle, interventions are to stop activity, limit movement, apply ice, compress, elevate, control pain, no heat for first 24 hrs? strain
what type of orthopedic injury is an excessive pull of the ligament, interventions are to stop activity, limit movement, apply ice, compress, elevate, control pain, no heat for first 24 hrs? sprain
what is an orthopedic emergency, displacement or separation, goals are to realign, immobilize, and control pain, loss of blood and necrosis if not treated, closed reduction for realignment, pop joint back in? dislocation
what type of orthopedic injury is cumulative, overuse, regional musculoskeletal disorder, tennis elbow, educate the pt, not carpel tunnel repetitive poor posture? repetitive strain injury
what orthopedic injury is caused by compression of median nerve, caused by pressure, trauma, or edema, manifests as weakness (thumb), burning pain, numbness, pressure from repetitive movements? carpel tunnel
what orthopedic disorder is diagnosed by tinel's sign, phalen's sign, treated by prevention and surgery? carpel tunnel
what ortho prob manifests as report of pain, spasm, limited ROM, ecchymosis, bone deformity, guarding protecting, loss of fx, crepitation? fracture
what ortho prob is treated with closed reduction, open reduction, fixation, casting, splinting, bracing, traction? fractures
what method of treatment for fractures involves reducing the fracture, immobilizing the joint, expanding the joint space, and treating pain? pounds pressure, pull, pulleys, pin care bilateral assessment baseline neuro? traction
what kind of traction goes into the bone? skeletal traction
what kind of traction is non incasive? skin traction
for what ortho prob do you assess neuro, pain control, elevate, ice, prep for surgery, education, meticulous nerve assessment, traction buys time to prep for surgery? fractures
what ortho condition is benign to life threatening, highest mortality rate of all fractures, intra abdominal injuries other complications, sepsis, fat embolism, thromboembolism, bedrest, sling traction, external or internal fixation pelvic fracture
for what ortho complication do you assess neuro status of LEs use extreme caution when handling moving pt turn only as ordered, assess elimination, back care, assess complications seosis, bloodclots pelvic fracture
what ortho complication is 90% due to falls, proximal third of femur, osteoporosis, manifests as external rotation, muscle spasm, severe pain, shortening of extremity, tx: bucks traction, surgical repair? hip fracture
what ortho complication is pre op: pain control, maintain traction, education, post op: VS, I&O, pain control, dressings, ambulate, neuro checks, monitor resp incentive spirometer? hip fracture
for what ortho problem do you elevate leg in chair no higher then 90 deg, ice, exercise, quad and glut sets, hip precautions as ordered, when turning abduct(away), avoid internal rotation hip fracture
what is post op dislocation, signs and symptoms sudden severe pain, limb shortening, internal or external rotation, ball in butt? hip fracture
what are some complications of fractures? compartment syndrome, infection, VTE, PE, fat embolism
what complication of fractures is when the container is too small for the contents, can be cast or fascia, can be because of edema or bleeding? compartment syndrome
what complication of infection is shown by the 6 ps? pain not relieved by opioids, pressure, pallor, paresthesia, pulselessness, paralysis diagnosed: physical exam, pressure measurement compartment syndrome
what ortho condition needs to be treated quickly or loss of circulation and limp, skin may feel tight, pale extremities, do not need all sx for this DO NOT ICE OR ELEVATE, loosten splint or dressing, bivalve casr, fasciotomy compartment syndrome
what is the introduction of pathogens open fracture, internal fixation, external fixation, assess CMS, temp, WBCs, pain, ROM, drainage? infection
what is the blockage of a pulmonary artery from thrombus, fat embolus, air embolus, or tumor, in bed most of time, starts in LE travels through circulation to lower lung lobe? pulmonary embolism
what is a bloodclot in the lower extremities can lead to PE, clot forms in lower extremities, clot dislodges, travels through the venous circulation to the lung? assess by observation, is leg warm, swollen, pt not on anticoags but should be? venous thromboembolism
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