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OA Health Test 2


What age-related changes affect sexual function in women? Menopause-effects reproductive ability; Decline in estrogen levels and Mammary tissue is replaced with fat tissue, less firm and more pendulous
What does the decline in estrogen levels in women affect? Cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes atrophy; Vaginal wall & mucosa become thinner; Length & width vagina reduced; Barthlin’s glands atrophy & secrete less fluid; Amount of vaginal lubrication & pubic hair is diminished; Labia lose their fullness owing to
What age-related changes affect sexual function in men? Diminished testosterone levels; Seminiferous tubules change; Seminal Vesicles change; viable sperm decreases around 60 y/o; Prostate gland diminishes secretions; wt & volume of testes change
How do the seminiferous tubules change? Seminiferous tubules undergo fibrosis, thinning of the epithelium, thickening of basement membrane, narrowing of the lumen
How do the seminal vesicles change? Seminal Vesicles = mucosa smoother, epithelium becomes thinner, connective tissue replaces the muscle tissue, fluid retaining capacity is reduced
How does the prostate gland change? Prostate Gland = diminished secretions, atrophy of the gland cells, formation of hard masses, replacement of muscle tissue by CT, change in the shape of epithelial cells from columnar to cuboidal and irregular.
T/F 40y/o penis undergoes changes but doesn’t effect reproductive function = erectile dysfunction? True
What are the risk factors that affect sexual function? Attitudes and stereotypes of older adults, attitudes and stereotypes of families and caregivers, social circumstances, constraints in long term settings, adverse effects of medications/alcohol/nicotine, functional impairments and pathologic conditions
How do older adult’s attitudes affect sexual function? Myth that older people are not sexual or are not interested in sex anymore. This can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if they believe this stereotype. My be embarrassed to acknowledge their sexual desires and activities for fear of being ridiculed or c
What about attitudes of families and caregivers? Hard for adult children to think if their parents as sexual beings b/c influenced by stereotype that older adults are asexual. May discourage parents to not be sexual & Ignore sexual needs of dependent older adults but when caregivers acknowledge this ne
T/F Staff needs to approve “an interaction” of spouses to be strictly medical matters, meaning that it is deemed medically necessary? True
What is the ratio of men to women in OAs? OA ratio of men to women is 41:100.
T/F Men associate sexuality with marital status while women do not? False Women associate sexuality with marital status while men do not.
T/F Frequency and enjoyment is associated with importance to sexual activity in the past for OA? True
T/F Homosexuality relations can be hindered b/c of prejudices attitudes and OA feel they can’t express their sexual desires freely? True
What constraints in long term care settings affect sexual function? Lack of privacy, inability to lock doors, little beds, lack of confidentiality
T/F Age-related changes in the female and male response to stimulation affect all phases. (Hint Display 22-1, page 481)? True
What sexual function changes affect the quality of life of women? Women = menopause with hot flashes, nausea, anxiety, embarrassment of hot flashes, obesity and smoking enhance hot flashes, decreased vaginal secretions so lubricants are used
What sexual function changes affect the quality of life of men? Men = decreased testosterone = andropause = fatigue, depression, and diminished sexual desire and erectile capacity
Describe nursing interventions that can promote sexual function in females and males. What education can you provide? (Hint: Display 22-4, 5 & 6, page 489 & 490) Experiment with different positions; Use it or lose it applies to sexual function; Use lubricant; Drink plenty of fluids; urinate before and after sex if you are a woman
T/F Sexual problems occur the same way in OA as younger adults: meds, alcohol, emotions? True
Exercise regularly, avoid alcohol, health, and wear hearing aids and glasses as needed, engaging in activites when relaxed and when you have the most energy will ____? will enhance pleasure
T/F Don’t be afraid to ask a professional if sexual dysfunctions keep occurring and Periodic difficulties with erections and ejaculations doesn’t mean you have a problem? True
How long after an orgasm may it be for an OA to reach one again? After orgasm, may be 1-2 days before able to reach one again
What about for people with arthritis? The pain & joint limitations may interfere with it. Take some pain meds and relax prior to having intercourse. Sexual activity can be beneficial to you because it stimulates the release of cortisone, adrenalin, and other chemicals that are natural pain re
What are some things OAs may do if they have arthritis to enhance their sexual enjoyment? engage in it when you are last fatigued & most relaxed; take pain meds; experiment w/ diff. sex positions; increase time spent in foreplay; use a vibrator; use a H20 soluble jelly for vaginal lubrication
A person who has ___ shouldn’t engage in sex activity in extremely hot & humid environments; wait 3 hrs after consuming alcohol/a large meal; avoid it during intense emotional stress; experiment w/ positions to find 1 that is least demanding of energy? Cardiovascular Disease
T/F The typical energy expenditure for sexual intercourse is not equivalent to that used for climbing two flights of steps? False it is equivalent
What nursing interventions can you do as a nurse to address sexual needs in the long term care facilities? Allow spouses to share room, allow visitors alone time, education of staff members, assess own beliefs of OA sexuality
How does the female response in the excitement phase of sex change as you get older? Breasts not as fully engorged; Sexual flush absent; Diminished vaginal lubrication; Decreased expansion of vaginal wall; Decreased vasocongestion of labia
How does the female response in the plateau phase of sex change as you get older? Decreased aerolar engorgement; Less intense sexual flush; Less intense myotonia; Decreased degree of deepening of labial color; Decreased vasocongestion of labia; Reduced Bartholin’s gland secretions; Less marked uterine elevation
How does the female response in the Orgasmic phase of sex change as you get older? Decreased frequency of rectal sphincter contractions and Decreased number and intensity of orgasmic contractions
How does the female response in the resolution phase of sex change as you get older? Slower loss of nipple erection and Quicker return to pre-excitement stage.
How does the male response in the excitement phase of sex change as you get older? Longer time required to attain erection; Less firm erection; Longer maintenance of erection before ejaculation; Increased difficulty regaining an erection if lost; Reduced or absent scrotal and testicular vasoconstriction
How does the male response in the plateau phase of sex change as you get older? Diminished or absent nipple turgidity and sexual flush; Less intense muscle tension; Slower penile erection response; No color change in glands penis; Delayed and diminished testicular elevation
How does the male response in the Orgasmic phase of sex change as you get older? Decreased frequency of rectal sphincter contractions; Diminution of ejaculatory expulsion force by 50 %; Diminished sense of ejaculatory inevitability; Fewer or less intense ejaculatory contractions
How does the male response in the resolution phase of sex change as you get older? Slower loss of nipple erection; Longer refractory period; Very rapid penile detumenscnece; Vary rapid testicular descent
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