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foundations of nursi

vital signs include what temperature,pulse,respirations and blood pressure
what is the fifth vital sign that some facilities consider pain level or comfort level
what is cerumen earwax
what is the term given to the sudden drop in blood pressure due to sudden positional change orthostatic hypotension
what does the term febrile mean body temperature above normal
what is the normal range for temperature 97-99.6
what is the part of the brain responsible for temperature regulation hypothalamus
where is it is located the floor and part of the lateral wall of the 3rd ventricle
what are the 2 categories that body temperature falls core and surface temperatures
what is the most accurate method of obtaining a temperatuire tympanic
what is the least accurate method of obtaining a temperature axillary
if a person's pulse rate is faster than 100 beats per minute,it is what tachycardia
what is the term given to the difference between the systolic and diastolic pressures pulse pressure
the amount of blood discharged from the left or right ventricle per minute is referred to what cardiac output
what is asepsis absence of pathogenic microorganisms
what are the 2 categories of asepsis medical and surgical
what is the other name used for medical asepsis clean technique
what is the other name used for surgical technique sterile technique
use of chemical that can destroy microorganisms is called disinfection
a substance that tends to inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms is antiseptic
what is the term given to the body's response to injury or infection at the cellular level inflammation
pertaining to a highly pathogenic or rapidly progressive condition is virulent
what are the stages of an infectious process incubation period,prodromal stage,illness stage,convalescence
when an infection affects the whole body and can be fatal, it is systemic
if the wound is superficial, it is localized
what are the defense mechanisms skin,mouth,respiratory tract,urinary tract,gi tract, vagina
an infection caused by microorganisms from another person is called exogenous
an infection caused by the patient's own normal microorganisms is called endogenous
what kind of birth cleanses and aids in reducing inflammation of the perineal areas sitz bath
what is vertigo dizziness
what is syncope fainting
a tepid temperature needed for a cool tub bath to relieve tension or lower body temperature is 98.6
recommended water temperature for a warm tub bath is 109.4
the proper water temperature for adults is 113 -115
why are doughnut types of cushions not advisable they cause blood congestion to the area, resulting in edema
what is the term given when urine is collected after voiding is initiated and before it is completed midstream urine specimen
what is the urine left in the bladder after voiding residual urine
when collecting urine specimen via catheter, how long should you clamp below the catheter port about 30 minutes
why should you squeeze the fingertip with thumb of the patient this increases blood supply to site
you should squeeze the patient's finger in an upward motion; true or false false, it should be downwards
why is the first blood drop wiped off to remove surface contaminants
how long do you normally wait for the blood collection 60 seconds
when there is blood in the stool and cannot be seen with the naked,eye it is called occult(hidden)
the test that detects blood in stool is hemoccult
the test to determine presence of blood in gastric secretions or emesis is called gastroccult
a laboratory test involving cultivation of microorganisms or cells is called culture
a lab method of determining the effectiveness of antibiotics, usually togethet with culture is called sensitivity
the study of cells is called cytology
ejecting mucus,sputum,or fluids from the trachea and lungs by coughing or spitting is called expectorate
the most common method of blood collection involving inserting a hollow-bore needle into the lumen of a large vein is called venipuncture
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