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Chapter 6

Ascending Sort arange data with letters in alphabetical order, high to low, earliest to latest
Comment a note to a cell that explains or identifies info contained in the cell
Conditional formatting formatting that changes the look fo the cells that meet a specified condition
descending sort to arrange data with letters from z to a,,ect
filter to display a subset of the data that meets certian criteria and temporarly hides the rows that do not meet criteria
filter arrow an arow that appears in a column heading cell that opens the autofilter menue
hyperlink text, cell or an object that when clicked jumps to another location
picture a digital photograph or thoer image file
research task pane a task pane that provides access to info typically found in references such as dictionaries
screen clipping the area you choose to include in a screen shot
screenshot a picture of all or part of something you see on your monitor
shape rectangle circles arrows lines anyting to make your document look more informitive
smartart graphic a graphic diagram that visually illisturates text and includes formatted graphics
sort to arrange a list of words or number in assending or desending order
template a predesinged workbook file that you can use for a basis or model for new workbooks
Created by: supersocks1