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Stack #123095

a MCPHS- Provider I- Ch 35 Managment of Pts w/Oral & Esophageal Disorders

S/Sx r/t Candidiasis(Thrush) Cheesy white plaque, Erythematous base when rubbed off
S/Sx r/t Gingivitis Swollen gums, Gums bleed w/light contact
S/Sx r/t Kaposi's sarcoma First appears on oral mucosa as red, purple or blue lesion
Cause r/t Kaposi's sarcome HIV
Medications that cause dry mouth r/t Elderly Diuretics, Antihypertensives, Anti-inflammatories, Antidepressants
Diet restriction r/t Dental caries prevention Caries are cavities, Decrease amount of sugar/starch in diet
Malocclusion r/t teeth Misalignment of upper and lower dental arcs when jaws are closed
Temporomandibular disorders Myofascial pain, Derangement of joint
Degenerative joint disease (blank)
Myofascial pain is discomfort in muscles controlling Jaw function
Rigid plate fixation r/t Mandibular fractures Insertion of metal plates and screws into bone to approximate and stabilize
Restriction r/t Rigid plate fixation No chewing for 1-4 weeks
Parotitis Inflammation of a salivary gland
Example r/t Parotitis Mumps
Sialadenitis Inflammation of the salivary glands
Gland r/t Usual occurence of Sialolithiasis(Salivary calculi) Submandibular gland
Lithotripsy Shock waves used to disintegrate calculi
Achalasia Absent/ineffective peristalsis of distal esophagus
Manifestation r/t Achalasia Difficulty swallowing liquids and solids
Created by: rpclothier