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MH nursing

What are the functions of acetylcholine? Sleep, arousal, pain, movement, memory
Increased levels of acetylcholine? Decreased? Depression-----Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's
What are the functions of norepinephrine? mood, cognition, sleep/arousal, CV function, perception
Decreased levels of norepi? Increased levels? Depression-----mania, anxiety, schizophrenia
What are the functions of Dopamine? movement, coordination, emotions
Increased levels of dopamine? Decreased? Mania and schizo------Parkinson's, Depression
What are the functions of serotonin? sleep, arousal, libido, appetite, aggression, pain, judgement
Decreased levels of serotonin? Increased levels? depression--------anxiety
What are the functions of GABA? calms, reduces aggression
Decreased levels of GABA? Increased? Anxiety, Huntington's, schizo, epilepsy-------sedation, anti-convulsant
Endorphins internal opiates--play a role in pain modulation--morphine-like action
Anticholinergic use: EPSE of antipsychotics SLUDGE (sedation, lethargy, urinary retention, dry mouth, GI upset, and energy loss) CI with glaucoma
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome: from antipsychotic tox, life threatening SXS: high temp (107), increased HR, diaphoresis and risk for organ failure Clozapine--WBC and drooling
SEs of TCAs and SSRIs HA, drowsiness, hypotension, urinary retention, EPSE, photosens. can use for cardiac dysrhythmias Luvox and Anafranil used for OCD Effective in 7-10 days and therapeutic within 3-4 weeks
Antianxiety uses and side effects (need to wean) use: relaxant, seizure reduction, alcohol w/d, ST use only! tolerance can occur within 3-4 weeks- SE: drwosy, low BP, confusion, safety BuSpar is non narcotic Toxic: R depression, CI with pregnancy/BF, hepatic disease, MAOs W/D--dep., paranoia, deliri
Lithium use, SE, blood levels, interventions use: Bipolar SE: flu like, diarrhea, N, V, ataxia, cranial nerve problems--can combine Interv: monitor diet--NA Blood level: 0.6-1.2 if higher=fatal tox: vomiting, diarrhea, ataxia, confusion (CNS)
SED/HYP use and SEs sleep, pre-op SE: addiction, drowsiness, excitement
Anticonvulsants use/ SEs mood stabilizer (Bipolar, Depression) check labs often (liver and kidney) May decrease effectiveness of BC pills toxic: diplopia, blurry vision, agranulocytosis, anemia, liver failure
Inderal panic disorders
ECT drugs Anectin, Quillicin, Brevital
Antipsychotics use: major tranquilizers, decrease dopamine at receptor sites psychoses, MedSurg-hiccups, antiemetics Typical or Atypical
Antipsychotic SEs: Akinesia:absence of muscle movement Akathasia: anxious, pacing, restless Dystonia: tight muscles, uncoord., jerking PseudoP: shuffling gait, flat affect Tardive Dysk: facial muscles, preventable lowers seizure threshold and wt gain/dry mouth decreas
MAO SE: prevents norepi and serotonin from breaking down SE: hypertensive crisis, HA, high BP Do not give within 2 wks of other antidep. Need low tyramine diet!! not first line med
Limbic system emotional brain
NTs brain chemicals that transmit electrical impulses, essential to emotions and behavior Cross synapse and allow impulse or block it, reuptake--stores for further use
Created by: schimmal