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The most potent benzodiazepine available, and is indicated for sedation. Lorazepam
AKA Toradol, is an injectable NSAID that exhibits analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-pyretic properties w/o sedative effects. Ketorlac
is a beta blocker with limited alpha blocker characteristics that induces vasodilation, reduced peripheral vascular resistance, and lowers BP. Labetalol
is contraindicated for conditions including asthma, CHF, 2nd/3rd degree heart blocks, severe bradycardia and cardiogenic shock. Labetalol
is an antidysrhythmic that suppresses automaticity and raises stimulation threshold of the ventricles, also causes sedation, anticonvulsant, and analgesic effects. Lidocaine
is an electrolyte that acts as a calcium channel blocker that acts aas a CNS depressant and anticonvulsant, as well as depressing function of smooth, skeletal, and cardiac muscles. Magnesium Sulfate
the dosage for this drug is 1-1.5mg/kg, repeated at .5-.75mg up to 3mg/kg. Follow conversion with an infusion of 1-4mg/min. Lidocaine
the dosage for this drug is 1-2 grams diluted in 50-100ml of D5W over 5-60min. Magnesium Sulfate
is the prototype NSAID w significant analgesic and anti-pyretic properties, as well as inhibiting platelet aggregation and increasing bleeding time. Ibuprofen
is a short acting synthetic steroid that inhibits histamine formation, storage and release from mast cells, and reducing allergic response. Hydrocortisone
is a naturally occuring protein that promotes the uptake of glucose by the cells. Insulin
is a bronchodilator used in the treatment of respiratory emergencies causing bronchial dilation and drying respiratory tract secretions by blocking acetylcholine receptors. Ipratropium
is a gastric irritant and acts on the emetic centers of the medulla to induce vomiting w/in 5 min. Ipecac Syrup
AKA Humulin, Novalog, Novalin and dosed at 5-10 units IV/IM/SQ. Insulin
is indicated for pulseless V-Tach, V-Fib, and V-Tach w a pulse. Lidocaine
is indicated for Torsades de Pointes, eclamptic seizures and for children in status asthmaticus nonresponsive to beta agents. Magnesium Sulfate
AKA Atrovent, is indicated for bronchospasm associated w asthma, COPD, and inhaled irritants. Ipratropium
is indicated for hyperglycemia and diabetic coma. Insulin
decreases overall airway resistance and automaticity, and may reduce pulmonary congestion and increase tidal volume and vital capacity. Epinephrine
is a potent diuretic and antihypertensive that inhibits sodium reabsorption by the kidneys. Furosemide
is indicated for seizures, premedication, or acute anxiety at a dose of 5-10mg IV/IM Diazepam
is contraindicated for hypersensitivity to sulfonamides, fluid and electrolyte depletion states, hepatic coma, and pregnancy. Furosemide
blocks parasympathetic nervous system, specifically the vagal effects on heart rate. Atropine
is indicated for narrow, comples supraventricular tachycardia refractory to vagal maneuvers. Adenosine
is indicated for V-Fib dosed at 300mg IVP and repeated at 150mg IVP if needed. Amiodarone
is indicated for seizures, premedication, or acute anxiety, at a dose of 5-10mg IV/IM Diazepam
increases force and velocity of myocardial contraction and cardiac output, and decreases conduction through the AV node which decreases HR. Digoxin
is indicated at 1mg IM/SQ for hypoglycemia w/o IV access. Glucagon
AKA Sublimaze, is used to induce sedation for intubation and control moderate to severe pain, dosed at 25-100mcg slow IV. Fentynal
is indicated for acute psychotic episodes, because it blocks dopamine receptors in the brain, but also impairs temp regulation. Haldol
AKA Demerol, and is indicated for severe pain. Meperidine
is an osmotic diuretic that draws water into the intravascular space through its hypertonic effects, then causes diuresis. Mannitol
is a sympathomimetic bronchodilator, indicated for bronchospasm as in asthma and COPD. Metaproterenol
AKA Versed, indicate to induce sedation before cardioversion or intubation. Midazolam
is a short acting benzodiazepine w CNS depressant, muscle relaxant, anticonvulsant and anterograde amnestic effects. Midazolam
has a dosage of 1-5mg slow IV, and is contraindicated in glaucoma, shock, coma, and acute alcohol intoxication. Midazolam
AKA Lopressor, and has a dosage of 5mg slow IV up to 3x. Metoprolol
AKA Solu-Medrol, and is dosed at 125-250 IV/IM for asthma, COPD, and anaphylaxis. Methylprednisolone
is a pure narcotic antagonist that blocks effects of both natural and synthetic narcotics and may reverse respiratory depresion. Naloxone
is a potent analgesic and sedative that causes some vasodilation, reducing venous return, and reducing myocardial oxygen demand. Morphine Sulfate
is indicated for narcotic OD, coma of unknown irigin, and is dosed at .4-2mg IV/IM Naloxone
is a calcium channel blocker AKA Procardia Nifedipine
is a narcotic analgesic, dosed at 2-4mg IV/IO q 5-15 min for MI pt. Morphine Sulfate
is a synthetic narcotic analgesic equivalent to morphine, w/o respiratory depression at higher doses. Nalbuphine
is contraindicated in undiagnosed head or abdominal injury, hypotension or volume depletion, COPD, respiratory depression, and pulmonary edema due to chemical inhalation. Morphine Sulfate
AKA Nubain, and is dosed at 5mg IV/IO/IM q 2-3min up to 20mg. Nalbuphine
is contraindicated in cardiogenic shock, sinus brady <45 bpm, 2nd/3rd degree heart block, cor pulmonale, asthma, and COPD. Metaprolol
is indicated for moderate to severe pain, at doses of 25-100mg IV. Meperidine
is a beta blocker w limited alpha blocker characteristics that induces vasodilation, reduced peripheral vascular resistance, and lowers BP. Labetalol
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