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SPCM Unit 3

triangle thing left corner=symbol; top= reference; right corner= referent (dashed line)
referent dictionary definition
reference thought/memory associated with the symbol
concrete language tangible object
abstract language ideas or concepts
oral style a style that reflecst the spoken (rather than written) word
mixed metaphor a metaphor that makes illogical comparisons between 2 or more things
mnemonic device a verbal device that makes information easier to remember
antithesis placement of words and phrases in contrast or opposition to one another
invitational environment environment in which the highest priority is to understand, respect, and appreciate possible positions on an issue
condition of equality acknowledge that all members hold equally valid perspectives worthy of exploration
condition of value recognize the inherent value of your audience's views, although they might be different from yours
condition of self-determination recognize that the members of the audience are experts in their own lives
explore an issue engaging an audience in a discussion about a topic
articulate a position invite an audience to understand an issue from your perspective, then open up a conversation to other perspectives
multiple perspectives pattern systematically address the many sides of an issue before opening up the speech for dialogue with the audience
symbol the spoken word
language is a__ ambiguous
dashed line the arbitrariness of language
idioms "go figure", "over my head"
language is c__ constitutive
language is constitutive (4) reflects reality, creates reality, makes people think a certain way, strong rhetoric>dull repetition
Created by: melaniebeale