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8.11D mclean review

Human Dependence on Ocean Systems by KE and JC

Wher does 80% of the pollution in ocean environments come from? Human sources
When there is a lot of precipitation for an extended duration, what happens? Flooding
What is an artificial reef? A human-made underwater structure used as a habitat for marine organisms.
What is one thing an artificial reef does? Promotes marine life in areas with a generally featureless bottom, controls erosion, and discourages fishing
If the climate rose by 1°C-2°C what would a major concern for humans be? Sea levels might rise enough to flood coastal areas.
How does fertilizer used in farming make its way to the ocean? Stormwater run-off
How does fertilizer in the ocean affect the ocean enviroment? It creates algal blooms.
What do algal blooms do to the environment? Creates excess ammonia
When humans build houses on wetland areas, they always do what? Make changes that might not be reversable (e.g. habitat destruction)
What does more CO2 in the air from cars, factories, and respiration mean for the ocean? It means there will be more CO2 in the ocean, which forms Carbonic acid.
Why is Carbonic acid bad for the ocean enviroment? It means it will be harder for ocean organisms to absorb calcium into their shells and skeletons.
How does ammonia affect ocean life? Poisons and kills fish
If a certain factory has a pipe that is dumping pollution into the ocean, is this point source or non-point source pollution, and why? Point source, because we know exactly where it is coming from.
If CO2 reaches the ocean and is turned into carbonic acid, is this point source, or non point source pollution, and why? Non-point source, because we don't know who or where it came from.
Created by: McLeanScience