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earth quake a sudden shaking of the ground due to plate movement
dune a mound of sand formed by the action of wind or water
depostion the act or process by witch sand water sets down sediment
delta an area of land formed by sediment at the mouth of the river
crust the thin outer layer of earth suface
core earths center made up of a liquid outer core and a solid inner core
glacier a large body of accumulated ice and compacted snow
igneaus rock rock formed by the harding of hot malton magma
magma melted, liquid rock beneth earths surface
land mass a large area of land such as a continent
land form a natural formation on earth
levee a rasied area prevents land forms from flooding
erosin the procces of trans porting and wearing away rocks or soil as lose particals
convection current a series of circular motions that occer when heating and cooling happens together
island an area of land smaller than a continent that is surronded by water
fossil the reamin or traces of a plant or animal that has turnd to stone
continent one of yhe main landmasss on earth
hot spot magma in the crust
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