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AD 230

behavioral responses

compensation Covering up a weakness that one perceives as weak by emphasizing a trait considered more desirable.
A college student doesn't have any friends says to herself "I may not have many close friends, but I get good grades" compensation.
Denial Refuse to acknowledge existence and/or feelings of a real situation.
A person who drinks quart a vodka daily says " I don't have a drinking problem" denial.
Displacement Transfering feelings from the target/subject to another that is considered less threatening.
A patient is angry with her husband, but becomes verbally abusive to the nursing staff. Displacement
Identification Increase self worth by developing attributes of someone you admire.
I would like to model myself to be like my Aunt, a successful mental health nurse. I'm going to my aunts college to become a mental health nurse. Identification.
Intellectualization. Avoid expressing emotions r/t stressful situation by using logic, reasoning and analysis.
We are living in Michigan, far away from my family, because this is where my job and school are and I will make lots of money. Intellectualization.
Introjection A person who picks up beliefs and values from family/friends into their own ego
A teenager who adapts to the lifestyle of his idol (i.e. moviestar, artist, etc) introjection
A child adapts his parents values and beliefs, and says to a friend...."Believe in Jesus and you will go to heavan" Is this Introjection or sublimation?
Isolation avoid a painful thought or feeling by objectifying and emotionally detaching oneself from the feeling
A young woman describes being attacked and raped without showing any emotion. Isolation
A bank teller remains calm and collective as she collects money for the robber pointing a gun at her face. Is this Isolation or regression?
Projection Attributing your own unacceptable thoughts or feelings to someone or something else
You get really mad at your girlfriend, but scream that she is the one made at you. Projection
A highschool track star denies to herself that she is attracted to her track coach and instead tells her friend that the track coach hit on her. Is this Projection or undoing?
Rationalization Makes excuses to justify unacceptable feelings or behaviors.
a man buys a new car, having convinced himself that his older car won't make it through the winter Is this rationalization or introjection?
Rationalization I drink because this is the only way I can cope with my bad marriage.
Reaction Formation Going to the opposite extreme; overcompensation for unacceptable impulses
a married woman who is disturbed by feeling attracted to one of her husband's friends treats him rudely. Reaction formation
Reaction formation or regression Jane hates nursing, but now attends nursing school to please her parents. On career day she speaks to prospective students and talks about the excellence of a nursing career.
Regression Responding to stress by retreating to an earlier developmental level for comfort measures.
When you say you're not angry when you really are. Is this reaction formation or sublimation
2 year old bobby is hospitalized and will only drink from a bottle. His mother states that he hasn't used a bottle for 6 months. Regression.
Repression Involuntarily blocking unpleasant feelings/experiences from one's awareness.
you can't remember your fathers funeral Repression
repression or suppression An accident victim can't recall anything about the accident.
Sublimination Redirecting unacceptable, instinctual drives into personally and socially acceptable channels
A mothers whose son was killed by a drunk driver channels her anger and energy into forming MADD Sublimination.
Is this sublimination or suppression? a man who is dissatisfied with his sex life but who has not stepped out on his wife becomes very busy repairing his house while his wife is out of town. Thus, he has no time for social activities
Suppression voluntarily blocking unpleasant feelings and experiences from one's awareness.
a student goes on vacation worried that she may be failing; she decides not to spoil her holiday by thinking of school. Suppression
You are at a party and fart in front of everyone, you make an effort to try to forget about it and have fun Suppression or undoing?
Undoing Trying to reverse or "undo" a thought or feeling by performing an action that signifies an opposite feeling than your original thought or feeling
jeff is nervous about his school project and yells at his girlfriend. ON the way home from school he stops to by her flowers Undoing
Created by: Wends1984