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Latin in Real Life

For a Latin IV Project, how Latin pertains to me

ad libitum (performed) at one's will
major larger, greater (music)
passiones passion music
musica music
largo broad (music)
lento slow (music)
con anima with animation, spirited (music)
a tempo return to the previous or original tempo (music)
con moto with more motion (music)
al fine to the finish (music)
con amore with tenderness (music)
crecendo gradually louder (music)
diminuendo gradually softer (music)
dolce sweetly (music)
fermata a hold or pause (music)
legato smooth and connected (music)
marcato marked with emphasis detatched (music)
sempre always (music)
subito suddenly (music)
mal bad, evil
vas vessel
in natura in nature
ars gratia artis art for art's sake
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who watches the Watchmen?
et cetera and so forth
N.B. note well
per an. by year
percent per hundred
P.S. written after
vox pop. voice of the people
vs. against
A.M. before midday
lb. pound
pro tem. for the time being
canine dog
color color
discipulus student
feles cat
fenestra window
filia daughter
homo man (human being)
ignis fire
liber book
mulier woman
sol sun
soror sister
strix owl
vita life
cano sing
pingo paint
aquarius water carrier
Created by: 100000194188057