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Romulus & Remus (Women Have the Last Word -- 4th paragph to end)

frustra in vain
clamo (1) to shout, yell
earum (f. gen. pl.) = their
imploro (1) to beg, entreat, beseech
soror sororis, f. = sister
iubeo iubere/iussi/iussus = to order, command
vester vestra, vestrum = your (pl.)
laetus laeta, laetum = happy
autem however
ira irae, f. = anger, ire, wrath
paro (1) to prepare
acriter bitterly, harshly, keenly
pugno (1) to fight
vulnero (1) to wound, injure, hurt
extra (+ acc.) = outside (of)
murus muri, m. = wall
exspecto (1) to wait for, await, expect
tandem at last, finally
propter (+ acc.) on account of
Tarpeia Tarpeiae, f. = (proper name) name of Roman maiden who tried to betray Rome to the besieging Sabines
perfidia perfidiae, f. = treachery, deceit
arx arcis, f. = citadel (the highest, most heavily fortified part of a city/town)
teneo tenere/tenui/tentus = to hold; have
facile easily
oppugno (1) to attack
locus loci, m. = location, place, spot
nunc now
acer acris, acre = sharp, bitter, pointed
pugna pugnae, f. (noun) = battle, fight
subito suddenly
inter (+ acc.) = between, among
volo (1) to fly; to hurry
pax pacis, f. = peace
amicitia amicitiae, f. = friendship
dux ducis, m. = leader, general
factum facti, n. = deed (meaning something that's been done -- from the verb facio/ere/feci/factus)
moveo movere/movi/motus = to move
postea afterwards, later
unus una, unum = one
regnum regni, nt. = kingdom
facio facere/feci/factus = to make, do
Created by: simsma