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English Ace

To study vocabulary words for english class

Artist A person who creates and draws art, also paint.
Predicament An unpleaseant situation from which it is difficult to free oneself
irate To be very angry.
contractor One who agrees to provide services for a specific price.
Feeble To be weak or faint. To have no strength
Grope To reach about with uncertainty.
Hamper To prevent free movement of someone or something.
Engross To completly occupy. To put under surveillance
Maroon To leave behind in a place from which there is little hope of escape.
Sect A religous group.
Straggle To spread out in a scattered group.
Thali Necklace given by a groom to his bride at a Hindu wedding ceremony.
Undaunted To be couragous. To have confidence in your abilities.
Cache To store in a hiding place.
Culvert A drain that passes under a road.
Entrails The internal organs.
Spadding To dig.
Inclanation A tendancy to perform one thing over another.
Ravage Serious damage or destruction.
Ineptitude Clumsiness, lack of competence.
Rationalize To make explanations for one's behavior.
Perpetual Continuing without interruption.
Contradiction A denial, an expression that is opposite.
Disect To cut open a certain part of the body.
`Evolution The theory of how animals plants and planets formed.
Strike To go against a certain job. To rebel a certain job or refuse.
Created by: Superace