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Medical Prefixes

Medical PrefixLayman Term
lapar- abdomen
super - above
supra - above
trans - across
anti - against
contra - against
pan - all
brachio - arm
circum - around
peri - around
arterio - artery
ab - away from
dors - back
retro - backward
fascia - band (fibrous)
pre - before
ante - before
post - behind
sub - below
para - beside
inter - between
chole - bile
natus - birth
part - birth, labour
melan - black
cysto - bladder, sac
vesic - bladder, sac
haemo - blood
soma - body
osteo - bone
myelo - bone marrow
bi - both, two
pyelo - bowl of kidney
cerebro - brain
encephal - brain
mamm-, mast- breast
bronchi-,broncho - bronchial
carcin - cancer
chondro - cartilage
cyt -, cyte - cell
buccal - cheek
paed - child
thrombo - clot
col - colon
kerat - cornea; scaly
cort - covering
ankyl - crooked, looped
hypo - deficient
phrenic - diaphragm
diplo - double
oto - ear, hearing
aud-, aur - ear, hearing
ovi - egg
cubitus - elbow, forearm
hyper - excessive
ocul - eye
faci - facies, face
pseudo- false
lip - fat
onych - finger, toe nail
lymph - fluid
ped -, pod - foot
pro - forward
cholecyst - gallbladder
aden - gland
gingiva - gums
hemi - half
chiro -.chiro -. hand
cephalo- head
cardio - heart
therm- heat
coxa - hip
ili - hip bone
centi - hundredth(100th)
intra - inside
endo - inside, within
enter - intestine
ile - intestine (part)
iri - iris (eye)
arthro- joint
nephro- kidney
ren - kidney
genu - knee
macro - large
laryng- larynx
al - like, similar
labia - lip
hepato - liver
pneumo- lung
pulm - lung
Poly - many
mening- membrane
meno- mens - menstruate
meso- middle
lacto - milk
psycho- mind, soul
stoma- mouth
or - mouth, bone
myx - mucus
myo - muscle
stric - narrowing
cervic- neck
trachel- neck
neuro - nerve
neo - new
thel - nipple
rhin - nose
nares-/nas - nose, nostrils
mono - one, single
viscera - organ
ecto - outside
oophoro- ovary
ovario- ovary
dys - painful, abdominal
pharyng- pharynx
pleur - pleura of lung
gravid- pregnant
pyo- pus
tachy - rapid
procto - rectum
erythro- red
costo - ribs
sial - saliva
squam - scaly
semin - seed
cut - skin
derma - skin
cranio - skull
brady - slow
micro - small
myelo - spinal cord
spondyl- spine
splen - spleen
amyl - starch
gastro - stomach
lith - stone
ortho - straight
edem - swelling (fluid)
caud - tail
deci - tenth (10th)
orchid- testes
thorac - thorax
kilo - thousand
milli - thousand(1000th)
gloss - tounge
lingua - tounge
dent - tooth
odont - tooth
ad - toward
trache - trachea
salpingo- tube
epi - upper, above
hyster - uterues, womb
metro - uterues, womb
colp - vagina
phleb - vein
vas - vessel
angio - vessel (blood)
hydro - water
sebum - wax, suet
asthen- weakness, lack
bar - weight
leuko - white
a -, an - without
gyne - woman
carpo - wrist
Created by: mmilam