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Classification 2015

Scientists classify organisms based on their ______________. Characteristics
What kingdom did scientists add to create a classification for organisms that had characteristics of both plants and animals? Protista
What are single-celled organisms that do not have a nucleus? Prokaryotes
What are organisms whose cells have a nucleus and membrane-bound organelles? Eukaryotes
Molds and mushrooms are examples of which kingdom? Fungi
In order for plants to make their own food through photosynthesis, they must be exposed to _____________________. sunlight
What are two ways plants are used by other organisms? Plants make food and provide a habitat for organisms.
Name 4 characteristics that members of the Kingdom Plantae have in common? Plants are green, multicellular, have cell walls, and make their own food using the sun's energy.
Why do animals depend on bacteria and fungi? To recycle nutrients found in dead organisms.
What is the science of describing, classifying, and naming organisms? Taxonomy
Where does the scientific name for organisms comes from? Genus and species
Why did scientists find it necessary to add new domains and kingdoms? They discovered new organisms.
Before the 1600s, scientists divided organisms into what two groups? plants and animals
The scientific name for the European white waterlily is Nymphaea alba. To which species does this plant belong? alba
The simple, single-celled organisms that live in your intestines are classified in what kingdom? Bacteria
What kind of organism thrives in hot springs and other extreme environments? Archaebacteria
True/False. A bacterium is a type of prokaryote. True (because it does not have a nucleus)
What is the division of organisms into groups, or classes, based on specific characteristics? Classification
What is an aid that is used to identify organisms that consists of a series of paired, descriptive statements? A dichotomous key
How does classifying living things help humans? It helps humans make sense of the world.
When are organisms thought to be closely related? When they have many characteristics in common.
How many levels of classification are in the modern system? 8
Why are the platypus, brown bear, lion, and house cat thought to be related to each other? They have hair and mammary glands.
What Swedish scientist created the first organized, modern taxonomy? Carolus Linnaeus
Each domain of organisms is divided into several _________________. kingdoms
What is the smallest, most specific classification level? species
In the scientific name, Elephas maximus, the word Elephas indicates the animal's ____________. Genus
All genus names begin with a ____________ letter. Capital
All specific names (species) begin with a _______________ letter. lowercase
In order from largest to smallest, what are the eight levels of classification? Domain-Kingdom-Phylum-Class-Order-Family-Genus-Species
What is a group or organisms that are closely related and can mate to produce fertile offspring called? Species
No matter how many common names an organism might have, it only has one _____________________. scientific name
What do scientists do when a newly discovered organism does not fit any existing category? Scientists create a new category.
True/False. Of all the organisms on the Earth, all have been discovered and classified. False
What can you find by working through the statements in a dichotomous key? The identity of an organism
What kingdom is made up of prokaryotes that can live in extreme environments? Archaeabacteria
What domain is made up of prokaryotes that live in soil, water, and in the human body? Bacteria
What kingdom are made up of complex, multicellular organisms that lack cell walls, can usually move around, and respond quickly to their environment? Animalia
What kingdom consists of complex, multicellular organisms that are usually green, have cell walls, and use the sun's energy to make sugar by photosynthesis? Plantae
What kingdom are made up of mostly single-celled or simple multicellular organisms? Protista
What kingdom is made up of nongreen, eukaryotic organisms that do not move and that reproduce by spores? Fungi
How many kingdoms of bacteria are there today? Two
Before the discovery of organisms like Algae, how were all organisms classified? As plants or animals
What kingdom did scientists add to create a classification for organisms that had characteristics of both plants and animals? Protista
What kingdom is Algae classified in? Protista
Which kingdoms are unicellular prokaryotes? Archaebacteria/ Eubacteria
Which kingdoms consist of both unicellular and multicellular organisms? Protists and Fungi
Which kingdoms are eukaryotic? Protists, Fungi, Plants, and Animals
Which kingdom consist of only multicellular, eukaryotic heterotrophs? Animal
Which kingdom consist of only multicellular, eukaryotic autotrophs? Plant
Which kingdom has plant-like, animal-like, and fungus-like organisms? Protist
What is the main source of energy for most plants? The sun
Which kingdom includes only multicellular heterotrophs? Animal
What 3 characteristics are used to place organisms into kingdoms? Type of Cell Ability to make food Number of body cells
What are organisms that make their own food? Autotrophs
Who created the system of classification we use today... the Father of Modern Classification? Linneaus
Which kingdom does not have organisms that have a cell wall? Animal
Which organisms can not make their own food? Heterotrophs
Created by: krmclendon