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(Test 2)


Term Definition Question Answer
Weather The state of the atmosphere over a short period of time
Climate Atmospheric averages over many years
Koppen System ADVANTAGES: Easy to measure, Measured most often DISADVANTAGES:Only average monthly temperature and precipitation, ignores winds clouds and intensity of precipitation
Simplified Koppen System Divided into 6 major climate zones A-Humid Tropical B-Arid and Semiarid C-Humid mesothermal (Mild winter) D-Humid microthermal (severe winter) E-Polar (no summer season) H-Highland
Climate Scales Macro-Large Region Meso: Medium Region Micro-Small
Weather Variables often used today Temperature & Precipitation
How did early greeks (Aristotle) classify Climate Torrid, temperature and frigid
Tropical (A) Climates High Temp Yr. Round Near Equator No winter season 64.4F/18C was the coldest
Af Tropical Rainforest
Aw Dry winter tropical Savanna
Am Along coast with tropical monsoon
Arid (B) Climates
Thornwaite System Classifying based on moisture Used often by soil and water resource scientists, agriculturalists Potential evaporation
Koppen System Most widely used Based on regional temperature and precipitation (Uses vegetation boundaries to create different categories)
Created by: npellew