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science test

naturally occurring made from nature
inorganic made from non-living plants or organisums
soild an object that has a definite shape and volume
definite chemical formula when a mineral has to have a certin mineral and a certin amount of that mineral to be the same mineral
crystal structure a crystal is a solid, goemetric form that result from a repeating pattern of atoms or molecules
color the hue of a mineral (not a good way to identifiy a mineral)
streak the color of a minerals powder
luster the way a mineral reflects light
clevage a way that a mineral breaks, smooth and have flat surfaces
fracture a way that a mineral breaks, in no form or pattern, unevenly
density the amount of matter in a given amount of space
hardness the minerals resistence to being scratched
special properties special properties (naturally magnetic, double image...etc...)
alloy a solid mixture of 2 or more elements, at least 1 is a metal
ore a rock that contains a metalor other useful mineral that can be sold for profit
what are the 3 types of mines? open pit, strip, and shaft mines
open pit mine miner use giant earth moving equitment to dig a tremendous pit and remove ore deposits
strip mine earthmoving equipment scraps away soil to expose ore
shaft mine often have a network of tunnels that extend deep into the groud following the viens of ores
what scale is used to rate the hardness of a mineral? the mohs hardness scale
what is the softest mineral on the mohs hardnesas scale? what is its rating? talc with a rating of 1
what is the hardest mineral on the mohs hardness scale and what is its rating? diamond with a rating of 10
what are the 3 ways a MINERAL CAN BE FORMED? by metamorphism, from solutions, and when magma and lava cool
what are the 3 different types of rock? igneous rock, metamorphic rock, and sedimentary rock
how does an igneous rock form and what are the 2 subgroups? when magma and lava cool and the 2 subgroups are extrusive and intrusive
how does metamorphic rock form and what are the subgroups? it forms through heat and pressure, and the 2 groups and non-foliated(without parallel bands) and foliated( with parallel bands)
how does sedimentary rock form and what are the subgroups? sedimantary rock goes through the processes of weathering, erosion, deposition, cementation, and compaction and the subgrougs are clastic, chemical and organic
organic sedimentary rock sedimentary rock that formed from living or once living things
clastic sedimentary rock formed when sediments buried compacted and cemented together by calcite or quartz
chemical sedimentary rock formed when when water, usually seawater, evaporates
what are the processes in which ignous rock forms? melting and cooling
what are the processes in which metamorphic rock forms? heat presure and chemical reaction
what are the processes in which sedimentary rock forms? weathering erosion deposition compaction cementation
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