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Africa and Mid East

Geo, History, Conflict, Current Events, Vocabulary

Tributary Smaller river that connects to a larger river
Fertile Soil that is rich in nutrients and is best suitable for farming
Cataract Rock filled rapids that slow or prevent water flow and travel down a river.
Rift A deep trench
Transportation Barrier Physical or human features that make it difficult to travel or transport goods
Cash Crop A crop that is grown and sold for a profit
Subsistence Farming Farming only what you need
Oasis A place where underground water makes it possible to support life in a dry region.
Arid Dry desert like environment, i.e. Sahara Desert
Largest desert in the world Sahara Desert
Bantu Migration Allow for spread of technology and farming to central and southern africa
Fertile Crescent Most fertile or nutrient rich soil in the middle east and northern africa
Three rivers of the Fertile Crescent Nile, Euphrates, Tigris (N.E.T.)
Griots African historians and storytellers; they were responsible for passing down knowledge to future generations.
Suez Canal Transportation corridor that connects mediterranean sea to red sea. It allowed for easier travel from europe to asia.
Aftermath of European Colonization Natural resources taken, ethnic conflict created, military governments established
Plateau Large raised mostly flat land, i.e. Continent of Africa.
Practice and Ritual of Islam Five Pillars
Practice and Ritual of Christianity Holy Sacraments
Practice and Ritual of Judaism Yom Kippur
Holy Book of Christianity Holy Bible
Holy Book of Islam Quran, (Koran)
Holy Book of Judaism Torah
Mesopatamia Fertile land between Euphrates and Tigris
Middle East Conflict Conflict between Jews and Palestinians over the holy land of Israel, lasting for nearly 3,000 years
Zionism Belief in forming a Jewish state in Israel
Kwame Nkrumah fought, boycotted, and was jailed by the British to earn independence for Ghana.
Nelson Mandela Elected president of South Africa in 1994, fought to end Apartheid.
Apartheid The racial segregation of blacks and whites in the country of South Africa during the 20th century.
Swahili A mix of Bantu and Arab languages
Rwanda Genocide the deliberate killing of thousands of Tutsis by Hutus during the 1990s
Civilization a group that shares, customs, religion, or language
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