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Personal Dictionary

A tool for making holes Auger
A greed for money or power Avarice
Daring to take risks fearless Audacious
To call before a court to answer to an indictment Arraigned
Relieve;reduce Alleviate
empty; lacking intrest or charm Barren
Throne of shrine Conopy
Comfort Consolation
To crouch or shink down in fear Cower
Lasting a long time Chronic
A historical account of events arranged in order of time Chronicle
Marked by brevity of expression Concise
An organized branch of a military establishment Corps
To irritat by rubbing Chafe
Dissapear Dissipate
very tired Exhaust
Fierceness; extreme intensity Ferocity
A manner of walking or moving on fast Gait
Thin and bony gaunt
To twist one's face to show pain or disgust Grimace
Pushed or diven Goaded
About to happen Imminent
Doubting Incredulouus
Continue to stay; dely leaving Linger
A sheme, a plot,or plan Machination
To damage, to disfigure to impair, to injure Mar
That has not been made, done, thought of Original
Forgetful Oblivious
Having power over all Omnipotent
wings Pinions
A bitter fruit resembling a large yellow apple Quince
To return to life or consciousness Revive
Serious; gloomy Somber
To lighty burn Singe
To rise above transcend
Brave; couragous Valiant
To draw backas in pain or distress Wince
In a light or carefree way Jauntily
A sudden forward rush or reach Lunged
A distance of three miles League
A lack of confidence Mistrust
Size or extent greatnesss of size or extent Magnitude
A wide, rolling open area, usually covered with low-growing shrubs Moor
Braiding Plaiting
Stick out from the surrounding surface Protrude
disturbed; trouble Perturbed
After war Postwar
A small door or gate Wicket
To twist or move painfully Writhe
A surprise attack made from a hiding place Ambushed
A large sailing ship Galleon
A flash or beam of Bright light Gleam
Laziness Sloth
Heavy, slightly covered swords Sabers
An allusion is a reference to a famous person, place, event, or work of literature Allusion
The climax stage is the point of greatest interest in a story or play Climax
A moral is a lesson that a story teaches Moral
propaganda is a form of communication that may use false or misleading information Propaganda
One necessary or basic part of a whole Element
to get rid of Dispel
tall and thin Lanky
dangerously perilously
to make fun of taunt
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